Trusted Partnerships Lead to Improved Reliability

In 2004, RelaDyne Reliability Services started working with a large global refining company that had various lubrication related problems. To resolve one problem, RelaDyne Reliability Services demonstrated the effectiveness of its LubriMist® oil mist systems using a small oil mist demonstration unit on one small steam turbine with a MTBF of on average, 4 months. Following the application of oil mist, the turbine operated for over two years without intervention.

Getting Up to Specification with Reliability Services

In 2007, a leading refining and chemicals company purchased a facility that had not conducted any lubrication maintenance or oil mist lubrication on their plant equipment since 1989. In 2009, this company hired RelaDyne Reliability Services to provide lubrication services.

Customers Talk, We Listen

Enhanced Customer Service for Oil Mist Customer Problem Partnering with a leader in the oil and gas industry for nearly 40 years, RelaDyne Reliability Services currently maintains 95 oil mist and grease systems throughout this customer’s 5-mile radius refinery and chemical plant complex. In January 2013, the customer expressed dissatisfaction in the level of service they … Continued