Chemical Cleaning and Flushing Services Ensure Safe Operation

Chemical Cleaning and Flushing of Oxygen Supply Piping


As part of their manufacturing process, a leading producer of special bar quality steel utilizes oxygen supplied to the melt furnace to accelerate scrap meltdown.

In one of their facilities, the melt furnace is supplied with the oxygen via a 10-inch main header to the valve stand.Then flow is directed to the furnace via two- and three-inch oxygen feed pipes. Recently, there was a fire at the valve stand during hot commissioning of the equipment. After replacing the damaged piping with a contracted piping company, they needed the two-inch and three-inch piping located downstream between the valve stand and melt furnace chemically cleaned and flushed to bring it up to specification standards in order to help ensure safe operation. The piping company contracted this work to RelaDyne Reliability Services to help.


Chemical reservoir with pumps, reversing manifold, heating elements and approx. 1,000 feet of chemical hose.
Custom manifolds enabling quick switch and isolation of flow circuits.
Dirty bag during chemical cleaning


Final pass inspection bags during blowout.

As part of standard protocol, a pre-job walk of the site was conducted with the customer, as well as safety and process meetings to discuss the procedure and equipment hook up with the customer team. Two 13-valve manifolds were utilized to form nine circulation loops. The loops were pressure tested with water and several leaks were discovered. Once the leaks were repaired, the system was cleaned with a citrus-based solution with filtering. Several purges were conducted to remove the chemical cleaning liquid.

After purges were complete, the particulate flush began with inspection filters to assess debris and continued until filters were clean. Once clean, all loops were inspected per customer criteria and passed. Then the blow out process was completed with hot nitrogen, followed by piping drying. A black light inspection with onsite personnel was conducted to confirm piping was clear of debris.


  • Extended component life
  • Minimized downtime
  • Improved piping performance
  • Safe operation


RelaDyne Reliability Services completed the chemical clean and particulate flush over a four day time period in January 2014 and achieved safe recommissioning of the piping for the melt furnace. Six technicians worked a total of 230 hours without incident or accident and provided the customer and piping company with a chemical cleaning performance procedure, as well as safety guidelines and specifications for future cleanings to help prevent fire hazards in future runs. Due to satisfaction with the work, RelaDyne Reliability Services was awarded additional work on other piping to the melt furnace.