Commissioning Services for Dependable Production

High Velocity Oil Flush and Initial Fill Filtration for Offshore Drilling Platform


A world leader in oil and gas production was preparing a new overseas offshore platform and needed commissioning services completed at the shipyard prior to deployment. Due to the relationship RelaDyne Reliability Services had with this customer downstream, RelaDyne Reliability Services was awarded the project for flushing and filling services for 40 different assets including centrifugal compressors, production pumps, gas turbines, crane hydraulic systems and pipe barn hydraulic systems.


From late February to June of 2013, RelaDyne Reliability Services used mobile equipment skids to perform High Velocity Oil Flush (HVOF) and Initial Fill Filtration Services on the following assets:

DES Hydraulics

Due to delays in construction permitting, RelaDyne Reliability Services was also able to join the construction and commissioning teams to assist in determining which systems needed attention and assisted in maneuvering equipment and machinery. Some systems were found with improper hardware and missing o-rings, so RelaDyne Reliability Services utilized extra kits brought from the United States to correct the issues so they could perform the flushing services.

RelaDyne Reliability Services flushed and filled approximately three systems, with multiple assets each, concurrently using the Hydraulic Flushing Skid, Mobile Heater Flushing Unit, and a Flushing Tote with an onsite Particle Counter to check real time oil cleanliness levels.  Project Managers and Technicians worked over 3,484 man-hours over the course of 88 days without any safety related incidents or accidents.

Solar Gas Turbine Generators

RelaDyne Reliability Services completed flush and fill services for piping and coolers on four units in a matter of 16 days, or four days each unit as compared to other competing lubrication companies that typically take a week or more per unit. While there were delays due to crane and paint issues, RelaDyne Reliability Services continued to remain flexible and performed flushes and fills in other areas as needed.

High and Low Pressure Compressors

HVOF and initial fill services were performed on one high-pressure compressor and two low-pressure compressor units found to be very contaminated prior to service.  RelaDyne Reliability Services technicians worked over 350 man-hours without safety related incidents or accidents and performed the flush and fill services over the course of 13 days.

Production Transfer Pumps

Three pump units and their piping were found to be very contaminated prior to HVOF and Initial Fill Filtration services. Due to the proximity of each pump to one another, technicians could perform service without having to move equipment, allowing for faster completion in just 7 days.

Crane Hydraulic Systems

The platform’s north crane and south crane were both flushed and filled in 16 days without safety related incidents.

Pipe Barn Hydraulics

Though work was initially delayed due to construction of the platform, RelaDyne Reliability Services performed HVOF and Initial Fill Filtration services in 25 days following the appropriate flushing procedure and performing thermal shocking pipe vibration while initiating flow through the piping network.


Over the course of three and a half months, RelaDyne Reliability Services Project Managers and Technicians worked over 5,464 man-hours without incident or injury. Due to the success of this upstream job, the customer felt confident in the company’s ability to perform services up to specifications, and the RelaDyne Reliability Services contract was extended through 2021. RelaDyne Reliability Services has also been offered the opportunity to bid on future projects with this customer.