Customers Talk, We Listen

Enhanced Customer Service for Oil Mist Customer


Partnering with a leader in the oil and gas industry for nearly 40 years, RelaDyne Reliability Services currently maintains 95 oil mist and grease systems throughout this customer’s 5-mile radius refinery and chemical plant complex. In January 2013, the customer expressed dissatisfaction in the level of service they were being provided. RelaDyne Reliability Services valued the relationship with this long-time customer and wanted to investigate the issue further.


A full audit was completed, and additional technicians and specialists were brought in to perform full preventive maintenance on all the equipment currently serviced by RelaDyne Reliability Services to ensure it was up to specification. This process took roughly 90 days, at a $100,000 value, and was completed at no charge to the customer. Additional deep dive audits uncovered contamination issues unrelated to RelaDyne Reliability Services that were brought to the customer’s attention and solved under the advisement of RelaDyne Reliability Services technicians.

In order to establish more consistent service in the future, routine quality control audits have been mandated on a quarterly basis. Stewardship meetings are also now conducted quarterly and include the analysis of the audits and project summary reports with customer maintenance, operations and engineering staff across the complex. It’s in these meetings that recommendations are made by RelaDyne Reliability Services on how to correct any deficiencies in the systems, and key performance indicators are also discussed to help ensure peak performance.


With nearly 95 percent of the customer’s qualifying oil mist lubrication equipment utilizing RelaDyne Reliability Services maintenance services, these new quality control processes have led to complete customer satisfaction. Oil mist and grease system services, along with high velocity flushes performed by RelaDyne Reliability Services, continue to date at this facility to help ensure equipment reliability.