Getting Up to Specification with Reliability Services

Customer Satisfaction Leads to Complete Lubrication Services for Refining Facility


In 2007, a leading refining and chemicals company purchased a facility that had not conducted any lubrication maintenance or oil mist lubrication on their plant equipment since 1989. In 2009, this company hired RelaDyne Reliability Services to provide lubrication services.


In 2009, RelaDyne Reliability Services was initially brought in to conduct oil mist maintenance on the customer’s 10 oil mist consoles on a quarterly basis.  During one of these rounds in early 2010, the customer discussed some additional reliability and lubrication issues throughout the plant and asked if RelaDyne Reliability Services could put together a plan. A lubricant integrity program was then created and the customer contracted its execution in April 2010.

Due to satisfaction in 2011, the RelaDyne Reliability Services contract was extended to include the installation and maintenance of three small oil mist systems in the flare gas recovery unit, the purchase of two API 614 lube oil systems and the execution of a vibration program.

In 2012, high velocity oil flushing (HVOF) capabilities were added to the RelaDyne Reliability Services portfolio and RelaDyne Reliability Services was awarded the contract for turnaround services, the first conducted in 15 years at the plant. HVOF was completed on a small cooling water tower and two other major facility assets. Emergency filtration of a wash oil tank was executed with a portable filtration unit, as well as the start of many emergency water particulate removal (EWPR) procedures with the RelaDyne Reliability Services Mobile Reclamation Unit (MRU) with supplemental vacuum dehydration unit rental to maintain water ingression.

By spending more and more time onsite performing various services, RelaDyne Reliability Services was additionally asked to take over the oil analysis program and to begin conducting some field oil analysis, enabling immediate countermeasure activity to address oil contamination issues. To start, RelaDyne Reliability Services established categorization of Critical (red), Marginal (yellow) and Normal (green) to determine a baseline for needed services. With this program in place, RelaDyne Reliability Services technicians could report results directly to the customer and recommend services to address any deficiencies.

In one such instance, RelaDyne Reliability Services observed a 20,000 ppm result in one of the customer’s compressors discovered to be water in the lubricant. Such high contamination levels can effect viscosity, damage components of the lubricated system and reduce component life immensely. Because of the urgency of this condition, RelaDyne Reliability Services deployed their Mobile Reclamation Unit (MRU) to clean the lubricant and remove the water and particulates quickly. This self-powered, self-contained unit was onsite within 18 hours and performed services over a period of four days, saving over a million dollars for the customer in potential lost production if the compressor had gone down due to component failure.

By 2013, RelaDyne Reliability Services had three dedicated staff onsite full-time performing nearly every service offered in the RelaDyne Reliability Services portfolio including HVOF, EWPR, Reclamation Equipment Rental (RER), LubriMist® Oil Mist Systems maintenance, vibration services, and the continued execution of the lubricant integrity program. This is a true testament to the confidence this customer had in RelaDyne Reliability Services equipment and services capabilities.


Lube routes have been designed using computerized software to maximize the efficiency of personnel and maintenance tasks and to help ensure the integrity of machinery bearings and rotating equipment.

Oil Sampling
Prior to RelaDyne Reliability Services involvement, oil samples had been sent out for offsite testing, which was costly to the customer. With onsite sampling and testing completed by RelaDyne Reliability Services, the customer has saved hundreds of dollars in processing and shipping fees.

Oil Analysis
When RelaDyne Reliability Services first started handling the oil analysis in late 2012, the facility ís systems were categorized at 51 percent Critical. With the incorporation of RelaDyne Reliability Services recommendations and services, the systems are now at 5 percent Critical level.

Emergency Water and Particulate Removal
Water and particulate removal service has been a great resource for this customer over the last 18 months. Thousands of gallons of lost oil, further damage to equipment and over 60 days of downtime have been avoided, saving the customer millions of dollars.

This customer has purchased a custom, RelaDyne Reliability Services controlled storage container to house additional RelaDyne Reliability Services hardware for its facility ís use. Parts are reordered as needed per RelaDyne Reliability Services recommendation.

Over the course of the RelaDyne Reliability Services relationship with this customer, RelaDyne Reliability Services has become an extension of their internal team, serving as a consultant and providing onsite services for the reliable operation of facility equipment. The customer is very satisfied and has stated that they feel completely confident that they’ve made the right decision in choosing RelaDyne Reliability Services for their lubrication needs.