Pre-Commissioning Cleaning and Flush for Reliable Performance

Chemical Cleaning, High Velocity Flush for Hydraulic Unit Piping


A leading manufacturer of axles and wheels was installing new hydraulic unit piping for a blast furnace in their manufacturing plant. This piping required a pre-commissioning chemical cleaning and high velocity flush, and RelaDyne Reliability Services was contracted to complete the work.


This job was originally quoted from the piping and instrumentation diagram drawings, with an 11-day turnaround to clean and flush each of seven loops individually. Upon further investigation on the job walk, it was discovered that RelaDyne Reliability Services could manifold the loops together to provide a more efficient solution, saving time and reducing the amount of waste involved.

The hydraulic unit was connected to the Industrial Cleaning Unit (ICU) with over 70 jumper hoses utilized, taking critical equipment out of the flush loop and bypassing on-board system pumps. The citrus-based chemical cleaning was completed to remove rust, scale and oxidation from the new carbon steel piping. Then all loops were flushed with a water/glycol solution with filtering to specifications, cleanliness and acceptance criteria.


  • Extended component life
  • Minimized downtime
  • Improved piping performance
  • Safe operation


The thorough knowledge and expertise of the RelaDyne Reliability Services technicians allowed for the quoted 11-day chemical cleaning and flushing job to be completed in 6 days, making the customer ahead of schedule. Roughly 1,000 feet of hose was used to complete the hook up, with 70 man hours worked with zero incidents or injuries. Documentation of chemical cleaning and flushing procedures were presented to the customer as well to support compliance with OEM specifications and long-term equipment performance.